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Owls ( and stuff )

Okay, so it had to be done really.. It has been a struggle to have a website featuring my photography and omitting to include a page about owls!

Although I will go out of my way to try and see owls, I’m terrible at sitting somewhere for hour upon hour waiting to get that perfect photography. Despite my inpatient methods I do manage to photograph the odd owl on my travels and adventures. I don’t have the most fantastic of wildlife lenses (as I save all my serious money for the lenses for weddings! ) but I have managed to get one or two half decent shots. So this page a steam of photos from recent times; sometimes with the odd bit of background to them too. You may also find on this page the odd smattering of other wildlife or stuff I’ve encountered along the way..

June 2016 ~ Baby Owl(s)

While photographing the juvenile tawny owl  below, perched high in a tree, another even younger looking baby owl ran past me on the path! It then proceeded to stop, turn round, then played peek a boo among the weeds and the grass. It seemed quite curious and happy, but also probably as surprised as I was with the encounter! After a short while of peeking and hopping it ran off again into the stinging nettles!

Fortunately I managed to get a few photos of the baby owl as it ran by and turned round to get a good look at me!