A Guide to Asian Wedding Photography

Asian wedding photography is quite different from that of their Western counterparts. The traditions involved with Asian weddings are often rich with colors and intricate rituals, dating back as far as 2400 years ago. When capturing an Asian wedding, therefore, it’s important that the photographer selected has some understanding or background to the theme of the event being captured. This will not only lend a richness to the photographs, but will greatly enhance the photos themselves.

Many people choose to hire an Asian wedding photography specialist because they want beautiful, professionally taken pictures of their wedding day. Not all wedding photographers, however, specialize in Asian wedding photography. Many choose to simply go for any available Asian wedding photographer, even if the particular photographer does not specialize in Asian wedding photography. It’s important to be cautious about this. You want a photographer who can bring out the best aspects of your wedding photos, so that no matter which photographer you end up hiring, you are left with high-quality photos to look back on.

There are certain characteristics that only truly extraordinary photographers are able to capture, which are what makes selecting an Asian wedding photographer such a challenging task. When selecting an Asian wedding photographer, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. For one thing, the type of photography you wish to get will depend a lot on the colors and backgrounds of the area where the wedding will take place. Different cultures view wedding photographs differently. What may be acceptable in America may not be at all acceptable in Japan.

When you are looking for an Asian wedding photography specialist, also remember that different photographers have different levels of familiarity with their subjects. While some are very familiar with all areas of Asia, others are much more peripheral. A good Asian photographer would have lived and worked extensively in Asia for several years. They would be well placed to offer you advice on the places you should avoid for your wedding day. They should also be able to recommend places within Asia where you could get truly unique and unusual wedding experiences.

The majority of brides these days prefer Muslim weddings. This is partly due to the lower cost involved. But it’s also because Muslim weddings are usually much more romantic and beautiful than most western weddings. Brides wanting unique wedding photos of Hindu groom and bride in sikh attire will find it quite difficult to get hold of photographs that capture both of them together. On the other hand, there are plenty of photographers who specialize in Hindu weddings, and so you should not have too much difficulty finding someone who can produce photographs that will please you both.

Another thing you need to know about Asian wedding photography is that unlike western weddings there is a lot emphasis on capturing natural beauty rather than posing. You certainly want your wedding day to be as beautiful and as special as possible. So, when photographing Hindu or Jain weddings you will discover that a lot of care has been put into arranging the actual events so that they appear as natural and spontaneous as possible. Capturing natural moments is very different to trying to get a shot of your new husband and wife huddled together in a pile of the carpet, so you’ll find that an Indian photographer will be able to take advantage of this and produce some very moving images of you and your spouse. If you want truly moving images of Indian weddings, then hiring an experienced and highly skilled photographer makes very good sense.